We can give ourselves permission to try new things even if we’re not sure how they will turn out. This is a big one for me. I oftentimes feel like things have to have a solid purpose, and have what I feel the outcome should be, established before I do anything. I’m learning that I can try new things and still not be sure. I can move from an impression, thought, and inspiration and let the Holy Spirit show me how it will shape up!


I can’t say that my life has been full of walking in fear, but I have had some major Goliaths in my life to breathe many a threat in my ear. Sometimes it’s silent bullying, sometimes it’s loud, and I have learned to walk through it. But since the start of this year, I have felt a new grace to take it up a notch in the area of courage! When faced with a yucky bullying spirit early last month, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “You tell your fear it works for you, not the other way around.” That phrase gave me the stamina to do what I needed to do at that moment!! Ahhhhh, it was so liberating!


Because the Holy Spirit lives in us, I am learning that God uses our bodies to speak to us. I spent a lot of my younger years forging ahead and ignoring signs my body was telling me…it never works out. Recovery is more expensive and takes longer than prevention! So resist the urge to follow along with the trends and pressure that say keep busy or you will miss something, or angst-filled thoughts that say, you’re not getting any younger etc, or insert whatever bullying voice is being yelled at you. Strengthen and follow the internal compass that often leads you counterculture. You can trust that compass called the Holy Spirit, He will never lead you wrong.


For so long I have belittled the things that make me, me. If my surrounding community did not place value on my qualities, I would, in turn, not place value on them. One day I got a word of encouragement that God likes my quirks! God likes my quirks? Whoa. That set me on a new thought pattern and I began to see the things I do naturally as a gift from God and a gift to others! So if you’re good with your hands, or you’re naturally funny, or whatever else you have, see it as a special gift meant to bring fulfillment to you, and joy to others!


This concept has changed my life, and still is changing me! Grace enables us to lift things way heavier than we could, in our own strength, and causes us to scale mountains too high for our stature etc. There is a lot of pressure in this world to push forward, and sometimes we allow ourselves to make choices in panic. I’ve noticed though, that even in situations that are urgent, waiting until I have the grace to accomplish them, makes the task a great deal easier. Whether it’s cleaning the house, or writing a book, when I ask and wait for grace to come for that particular task, I get more done.  It’s not always easy to apply this to life and walk it out, but it is so worth the effort!


This is a big one. Even as I am sitting here writing this to you, I feel a twinge of guilt that I am actually enjoying sitting down in a comfortable environment alone. This “WORK” Seems to resemble “REST.” Somehow, as much as I love living a life of rest, resting in God’s love, resting in His promises, resting in His Faithfulness, the word REST still makes me a little anxious! After all, you know what happened in the book of Proverbs to the man who slept too much! Poverty came on him like an armed man! There is a fine line between laziness and resting…actually, I take that back. Maybe it’s not as fine a line as we’ve made it. However, what I do know is taking a breather often allows us to shift perspective. Not to say that our perspective is bad, but continuously running and doing, cloud our judgment, while rest and stepping away can recalibrate us and keep us sober-minded.  So, I dare you to plan hours, maybe even days where you sit in stillness and actually enjoy it!

Here’s to a fabulous season!

Love, Rachel